About Us

Welcome to Sun Li by Batam Layer Cakes, where tradition meets innovation in every delightful bite. Founded in 2010, we embarked on a flavorful journey by sharing the exquisite delight of Layer Cakes (Kueh Lapis), a traditional delicacy, with the world.

Our humble beginnings centered on the passion for crafting and sharing the authentic taste of this treasured Asian treat. Over the years, our dedication to preserving tradition while embracing modern tastes has expanded our offerings beyond Layer Cakes (Kueh Lapis), showcasing a variety of delectable pastries and baked goods inspired by heritage and crafted with love.

At Sun Li by Batam Layer Cakes, each creation is a celebration of cultural richness and culinary expertise. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation continues to drive us as we bring the essence of tradition to every customer, every day.

Join us on this flavorful journey as we invite you to savor the tastes of tradition, crafted with care and passed down through generations.